By  Teresa Martin

Senior Engineer and former President of Anderson & Associates, R.A. “Chip” Worley, Jr. will be presenting at the VRA (Virginia Resources Authority) Governor’s Infrastructure Financing Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia, on December 14-16, 2016. Chip has been with A&A for 44 years and has worked on numerous water and wastewater projects and other infrastructure improvements for Virginia counties, cities, and towns, from initial planning to the completion of construction.

VRA LogoThe title of Chip’s presentation will be “Estimating the Cost of the Project”. The project cost estimate is often used for budgeting the proposed related costs and construction work as part of a CIP, or the cost estimate serves as the basis for funding applications to secure the money to design and build the project. In this session, the fundamentals of cost estimating will be discussed. The purpose and limitations of cost estimates will be explained with regard to the various types and stages of projects. Standard formats will be presented to emphasize what information should be included in the cost estimate and where those items are best noted within the cost estimate outline. Resources as to where to get cost information will be presented, as well as factors that influence costs which are sometimes not taken into consideration. Finally, several steps to take will be noted to keep the cost estimate relevant throughout the life of the project as conditions evolve and change. Contact Chip if you have questions at or by phone at 800.763.5596.

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