by Keli Ratcliffe


B.T. Fitzpatrick demonstrates the new mobile capabilities.

The fact that WebGIS is a powerful tool is undeniable. These websites can be used to locate, analyze, and exhibit information about any asset a locality wishes to display, with the only drawback being that a user has been limited to only truly being able to access the full power of GIS from a desktop computer. Well, those days are gone.

A&A is excited to announce that WebGIS has gone mobile. Yes, that means you now have the power of WebGIS in your pocket, at least if that’s where you keep your mobile phone.

A&A GIS Project Manager, Bryan Powell, and programmer/developer Steve Spillane, have been working on a responsive design for our WebGIS customers for the past year. The dynamic duo are happy to have successfully rolled out our first sites with the new design for Transylvania County, NC and the Town of Warrenton, VA.

Over the next couple of months, all of our WebGIS clients will have the opportunity to be transitioned to the new design.

So why would they want to switch? Along with mobile capabilities, the new sites boast the same great performance as the original, with added functionality such as bookmarking, multiple select options, enhanced print functions, and quick links.

WebGIS-PhoneOne of the primary advantages of responsive design is that now, WebGIS can be used in the field more effectively for tasks such as utility management, location, identification, and even isolation when applicable.

Responsive design also opens the door for enhanced economic development, tourism, and wayfinding applications. But to fully appreciate the new design, you need to see it for yourself. Visit Transylvania County’s site at or the Town or Warrenton’s site at And go ahead; use your tablet or smart phone.

To learn more about WebGIS or responsive design, contact Bryan Powell at





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