by Keli Ratcliffe

Carol-ColemanSometimes, as engineers, the folks at A&A have a tendency to measure a waterline project by linear feet; 3,100 in this case if you’re interested. But in some cases, the ways a project helps and impacts people, can’t precisely be measured. Such is the case of Grayson County’s Nuckolls Curve waterline extension project.
The project serves 34 houses, and in one of those homes lives Carol Coleman. Carol is a Grayson County native and filled us in on the history of the project. Years ago, when Grayson County was extending water services throughout the County, the plan included Nuckolls Curve Road. At the time, the citizens who lived there weren’t in favor of the project, and signed a petition against it, preferring to continue to use their wells for water.

Grayson County honored the citizens’ wishes and cancelled that portion of the project. Fast-forward to 2013, and the dynamic had changed. Many of the folks who lived along Nuckolls Curve were experiencing problems with their wells resulting in poor water quality, and yielding water that was unfit to drink.
Carols-LittleBitThe County stepped in to help, and proceeded with the waterline project they had begun planning over a decade ago. Anderson & Associates provided the surveying, design, construction administration, and assisted the Mount Rogers Planning District Commission with the CDBG grant application that helped fund the project.
Carol says that the project has made her life easier, in ways that we can’t measure. As a retiree who enjoys traveling, spending time with her grandchildren and her Chihuahua, Little Bit, not having to worry about problems with her well has been a massive relief. In December of last year, Carol attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the project where she, along with other citizens, community leaders, and A&A’s Jessica Nichols and Dennis Amos celebrated its successful completion.



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