by Teresa Martin

People often say the brain of an engineer is wired and thinks differently than others. How else can they come up with the solutions they do? The same might be said of those individuals with a focus on finance. It takes special attention to detail to keep up with all the line items and accounts. For Stacie Castro, A&A’s Accounting Manager, she’s always enjoyed numbers and math. She worked for a construction company right out of school doing Accounts Payable work, and then later for a real estate company doing Accounting and Property Management Accounting. While her experience working with a huge international real estate company is far different than when she began in the engineering field with A&A, she welcomed the new challenges and learning opportunities.

A typical day at A&A can involve so many different things such as: working on spreadsheets, data entry, account reconciliations, working with clients to understand invoices, and/or working with employees to get detailed information about projects or departments. At different times of the year, there may also be audits, ESOP distributions or gathering data for a contract. “That is what is most enjoyable and interesting,” says Stacie, “That no two days are ever the same.” Stacie must enjoy her job because as of next month, she will have been with A&A for ten years!

Stacie Castro - Accounting's Long Term AssetTen years is a long time to many, but Stacie has truly become an “asset” to the company, and she has grown over the years. She started at A&A as Assistant Accounting Manager and was promoted to Accounting Manager in the fall of 2008. Just like most other employees at A&A, one of her favorite perks is the flexibility offered. Stacie and her husband, Jed use that flexibility to travel and also to volunteer. They both enjoy traveling and Stacie says it’s her personal goal to visit all the continents and explore new countries and cultures. She wants to retire in an RV.

In the volunteer field, she and Jed both enjoy volunteering for Micah’s Backpack. “Each week we pack bags that get delivered to the schools each Friday and are delivered via a bus during the summer. We have enjoyed getting involved with an organization that helps in our area, that works with kids, that helps with a very real and tangible issue that many times people don’t realize is happening. And it is a fantastic way to meet people in the community, and from VT that otherwise we never would know.”

Volunteerism makes her not only a long-term asset to A&A but to our community as well!

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