What is an ESOP?

An ESOP, or Employee Stock Ownership Plan, is a plan designed to enable each eligible employee to share in the ownership of our Company.

Why does Anderson & Associates have an ESOP?

The ESOP has allowed stock to be distributed broadly at no financial sacrifice to either the Company or the Employee-Owners. This establishes a stable, long-term ownership transition plan which is vital to our kind of professional organization.

What’s in it for our Employees?

Each year eligible A&A employees will share in any contributions. The holdings of the ESOP are held in trust and administered by Anderson & Associates. As the company grows and prospers, the value of company stock should grow right along with it. As years of service increase, so should the employee’s share of stock in our company.

What’s in it for our Clients and Business Partners?

Because we, the employees, own a part of the company, every action and decision made directly affects us. The employee-owner concept greatly benefits our clients and business partners since delivering the highest quality of service is a matter of personal pride and daily practice at A&A. Individual A&A associates take the same care in customer service as any interested business owner.

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