by Chris Peterson

Rural Retreat DepotCongratulations to the Rural Retreat Depot Foundation for successfully reaching and surpassing their goal to fund the Rural Retreat Town and Depot Documentary project. In late February of this year, the Depot Foundation opened up an online fundraiser through Kickstarter, an online crowdfunding platform. On the first day, the foundation raised 29% of their goal and steadily increased from there. By the end of the month on March 27th, the Depot Foundation announced that they surpassed their goal with an additional 54%.

With their goal met, the Rural Retreat Depot Foundation, along with the Town and other partnering organizations, will be able to complete their documentary. The documentary will be a demonstration on the life of a beloved rail depot and the small Appalachian town of Rural Retreat, VA–a town it created in 1856.

As many members of A&A have been avidly working with the Town, we can’t wait to see the results of the documentary. Congratulations Rural Retreat!

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