Mayo River Rail Trail

Mayo River Rail Trail

Patrick County, Virginia

A&A prepared a preliminary engineering report (PER) for this new 2-mile multi-use trail that addressed possible trail alignment, estimated project costs, preliminary identification of environmental areas of concern, and possible land acquisition needs based on the potential trail alignment. A&A also prepared and submitted a funding application to the Virginia Department of Transportation Enhancement (TE) Program and funding was awarded for the PER portion of this project.  A groundbreaking ceremony took place on July of 2007.

Throughout the PER process, multiple meetings took place between Anderson & Associates, Patrick County, and the Town of Stuart staff members.  This collaborative effort made this project very attractive to the Virginia Department of Transportation Enhancement Program as well as the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).  Future phases of the Mayo River Rail Trail project are now part of the DHCD funded Town of Stuart uptown commercial district revitalization project.

Along with surveying, A&A also prepared an environmental report and joint permitting application for the first phase of the trail which includes a crossing over the Mayo River, an access road, and a parking lot.

A&A is now providing design services for this trail project in 3 separate phases.  The trail will cross the Mayo River twice and bridge designs will allow for emergency vehicle access.  Along the way, A&A continues to provide funding assistance through the TE program.


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