By Teresa Martin

The North Carolina Rural Water Association held its Annual Conference & Exhibition in Greensboro, NC on May 16-19.  During the conference, system owners were challenged to provide water samples to claim the title of “Best Tasting Water in North Carolina”.  The judging panel was made of up four judges from local public figures to industry professionals.  The samples given to judges were 50 ml and were graded on a scale of taste, odor, color, and clarity.  The sample with the highest cumulative score won the title for 2017.  This year’s winner was Tyrrell County Utilities.  The annual conference is the largest of its kind in North Carolina and features exhibits, networking, continuing education sessions, credit hours, an awards banquet, NC Water Taste Test Competition, golf tournament, sporting clay shoot, cornhole tournament, prizes, and more.  A&A was excited to support and again exhibit this year.

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