By Teresa Martin

Keith SkiingA native to the New River Valley, A&A’s Keith Boyd was born in Radford, grew up in Fairlawn, attended Virginia Tech, and has lived in Pulaski County all of his life.

Keith obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree from Virginia Tech, and later worked there on staff from 2000 to 2009. “When I left Tech,” says Keith, “Ken Anderson called me and asked if I was interested in talking about a project manager’s position here. Being a mechanical engineer, at first it seemed odd to think about working for a civil engineering firm, and I never had thought about working as a consultant. But, the more Ken explained it, and the more I thought about it, I came to realize it could be a good fit.”

Now, as the Vice President of Land Development, Keith enjoys the variety of work that A&A performs. One of the highlights of his A&A career was being selected for the Upper Quad project at Virginia Tech. Keith says it has been great to be a part of this high profile project.

img_2538Part of Keith’s job is meeting with clients, which he notes is something he very much enjoys. He invited Red Sun Farms to accompany him to the ACEC awards ceremony in Richmond, VA last year, where they joined him in accepting the ACEC Merit Award on behalf of their project in Dublin, VA. Keith is proud that Red Sun Farms was the first major project for the NRV Commerce Park.

He has balanced his career over the years with raising his family. His son, Robert, was married this past August. While at the wedding, Keith and his wife, Joby, heard many compliments about their son from various wedding guests which confirmed to them: “We must’ve done something right in raising him.”  They are thrilled to have a new daughter-in-law, Stephanie.

Keith Boyd's FamilyOther passions include all things “Hokie”, as he is a Hokie Rep, and has season tickets to both football and men’s basketball games. He enjoys cycling, skiing, and is also very involved with the church he grew up in, Fairlawn Grace Brethren Church, where he attends, and also serves on the board.




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