By Teresa Martin

Jay McGuire was prompted to pursue the field of engineering when his dad encouraged him due to the fact that he always liked coming up with ideas and making things. If there was something he wanted or needed, he tried to build it. To date, he has built treehouses, go-carts, furniture, ponds and landscaping features and recently completed a 1200sf addition to his home.

Jay is originally from Christiansburg, Virginia. He was finishing up his last semester of college when he applied for a position at A&A. He looked locally as he wanted to stay in the area. He joined the A&A family the week after his graduation.

Jayā€œA&A has given me the opportunity to grow and learn all aspects of running a business. I have also enjoyed the opportunity to follow the work that interests me. I am a transportation engineer but I have had the opportunity to work in other departments to further my skills in surveying, utilities, and land development,ā€ says Jay. And he has grown with over 20 years of experience at A&A. He started as a project engineer and received his Professional Engineer certification 4 years later. A short time later he was promoted to Project Manager and still serves in that role as well as being our resident trail design expert. He is managing the construction administration services for several trail projects and a sidewalk project at the moment as well as design of several trail and sidewalk projects. He also has several traffic maintenance projects for multiple bridges under design. He enjoys seeing people using a facility that is a direct result of a successful project. His proudest achievement at A&A was the completion of the Radford Riverway (in Virginia) which received an ACEC award.

mcguire2Jay knows that even with all of his experience, that time is ever-changing, and so he always believes there is still room for improving his knowledge and expertise in the engineering field. He enjoys learning new areas to stay well-rounded and A&A allows him the flexibility to shift with those changing times as needed.

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