by Teresa Martin

Jason WilliamsAnderson and Associates has a new Vice President of Transportation! Jason Williams joined the A&A family six years ago and has now been appointed to this new role. A Floyd County, VA native, Jason’s early career took him to Northern Virginia and exposed him to a variety of projects such as stormwater, residential, roads, surveying, and permitting. After meeting his wife, Emily, in Arlington, they decided to relocate back to Blacksburg in order for her to attend graduate school.  Blacksburg is home to the Hokies of Virginia Tech where Jason obtained his degree in civil engineering. He also holds a degree in business from Bluefield State College. Soon after moving back, Jason discovered the job opening at A&A.

Life is full of transition. After a year of service, A&A promoted Jason to project manager, and now, as he takes on the role of Vice President, he is given more responsibility and is helping to refine his new job description in order to continue to build relationships. Jason wants to help our in-house teams grow both professionally and personally in their strengths and skill sets to better serve their individual clients. Those strengths help problem-solve when working on projects like the West Roanoke River Greenway project. “We assembled a great team and are working through some very difficult terrain to bring this project to fruition,” Jason says. He notes this project is one the localities have been working on for many years, and selected A&A to assist them in connecting this important link between the City of Salem and Roanoke County.

Jason WilliamsIn addition to the Greenway project, Jason is involved in several trails and pedestrian improvement projects as well as road improvement projects in several counties. At the moment, he is also helping some industrial clients to improve their stormwater outfalls to meet new state water quality requirements. He’s proud of the work that A&A has done for Norfolk Southern performing design for several high profile capacity and speed improvement projects on tight timelines. He enjoys seeing those projects built quickly and successfully. When asked about how he envisions his future, Jason is unassuming.  He plans to focus on client satisfaction. He would like to also grow the firm by adding another team later this year and perhaps another next year. “We have always been strong with trails and railroad, and we are historically a transportation firm. I plan to be doing a lot of business development as we look to new areas, and additionally, new clients,” Jason states.

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