by Keli Ratcliffe

Water Treatment Plant-HillsvilleIn 2011, the Town of Hillsville’s water treatment plant was 30 years old, and had reached the point where it was more costly to repair aging parts than to replace them. The Town also had two water tanks that were in need of rehabilitation so they enlisted A&A’s assistance. The first step was to gauge the extent of the Town’s needs. A&A prepared a preliminary engineering report (PER) to address needed improvements and to assess the costs of upgrades. It was determined that the most economical course of action was to rehabilitate the existing water treatment plant and to coat the exterior of one welded steel water tank, and the interior of the other.

Water Treatment Plant-HillsvilleNow, five years later, both water tanks are successfully reinvigorated, and the water treatment plant renovation is in the last stages of construction. In the past, Town staff had to walk downstairs inside the plant to manually turn valves and push buttons on equipment each day. Now the system is automated. Another perk for the Town is that prior to the rehabilitation project; there was no backup power system to the plant. Well those days are gone, and the Town is now more easily able to maintain their high standards of customer service to their citizens.

Water Treatment Plant-HillsvilleAnderson & Associates also assisted the Town with funding
applications to help fund the improvements. For more information about this project, please contact Dennis Amos at


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