by Teresa Martin

One of our long-time employees has taken many paths throughout his career with Anderson and Associates, but outside of A&A, he hasn’t strayed far from home at all. In fact, Zeke Ratcliffe lives directly across the road from where he grew up in Pilot, Virginia and still attends the same church he started going to at only two weeks old.

Zeke Ratcliffe and FamilyHis education is in Agricultural Economics where he earned a Bachelor’s degree at Virginia Tech. His hobbies include farming and trading farm machinery. When he was searching for a job, he answered an ad in the Roanoke Times for a construction inspector and after serving for 5 years he took some additional classes in accounting and was able to begin working in the accounting department. “I like a mixture of construction and accounting,” says Zeke.

A&A can provide opportunities to employees and it is apparent when you look at Zeke’s career route. He has gone from being an inspector to an accounting assistant and then to Business Manager and now Vice President of Administration. Of all his many jobs and roles, Zeke says, “I like the accounting and payroll Zeke's Family Farmfunctions the best. I even think all the governmental/tax reporting we have to do is fun.” He also admits is really enjoyed most of the days working on the construction sites as well. Being a “numbers” guy allows him to fit right in with the engineers of the firm. You have to know the numbers when putting together things like the $2.7 million ESOP purchase of then, CEO, Ken Anderson’s stock in 2005.

While the years with A&A have provided him opportunities for making several accomplishments, Zeke says he is also proud of the accomplishments he’s made on the home front. In 1997 he was able to purchase a farm that his grandfather purchased in 1943. Zeke had been renting it since he was 16 years old and was finally glad to own it.

dsc_0056dsc_0052He is also proud of his wife Cindy and three children, Laura -14, Kaci -12, and Robert -5. He states, “They help me get the farm work done.”




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