by Teresa Martin

computer-generated-3d-imageryComputer generated (CGI) 3D Imagery has been around for some time now. Hollywood has used graphics for many years to make those unbelievable scenes, well… believable. As the graphics and computer technologies have evolved, CGI stepped beyond the Hollywood scene to be incorporated in businesses like architecture and engineering. While paper and pen have not completely disappeared as of yet, drawings for design have taken shape virtually through computer aided programs. Being able to visualize something before it’s built is a great advantage. If you are trying to get your stakeholders on board, or to ease the anxiety of the public to changes coming in their hometown, visualization through rendering can help unite those involved and inspired with a common vision.

Whether your project is a school campus, an industrial park, a tourist center, a new trail, or something else, a 3D rendering can make your project come to life. These images can be used at public hearings where the public can see everything “come to life” before them. Using 3D imagery, designers can take a model of your project in 3D and composite it into photographs from the site giving viewers a virtual representation of the future. The use of 3D imagery can help unite your community build excitement for the improvements planned.

computer-generated-3d-imageryAnderson and Associates can offer similar productions of 3D imagery via renderings and animations to aid in your project’s success. If you want to “get the community behind your project,” be sure to contact Teresa Martin at 540.552.5592 or

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