June 2000, Volume 12, Number VI

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Bill Hamilton:
Positioning a Historic City for the Future

Bill Hamilton

Staunton Economic Development Director Bill Hamilton at the new Green Hills Industry and Technology Center

by Su Clauson-Wicker

     When you’re as proud of your past as the City of Staunton, Virginia, it’s a compliment to hear you’re looking older. And that is exactly what is happening in downtown Staunton, according to city economic development director Bill Hamilton.

    "We called it ‘Our Big Dig’" Hamilton says. "We’ve buried our utility wires, put in brick sidewalks, and erected historical lights along our main street, Beverley. We’ll start on Augusta Street this year." The city is also constructing a $3.8-million parking garage with an exterior
designed to blend in with its historic surroundings. Staunton is in the midst of a fund drive for the Blackfriars Playhouse, a reproduction of the theatre by the same name in London where many of Shakespeare’s plays were produced. The playhouse will be home base for the professional Shenandoah Shakespeare Company.


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