February 1999, Volume 11, Number II

We're Working for...

  • Bedford County Industrial Development Authority,VA -- preparing preliminary engineering report (PER) for the Montvale Industrial Park Phase I.
  • Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, Richmond, VA -- assisting the state agency with the final assembly of their new Stormwater Management Handbook. A&A is converting illustrations from AutoCAD into raster images for insertion into WordPerfect, and performing a document audit to ensure continuity, and converting the handbook into Adobe Acrobat PDF format for future digital distribution, such as the Internet.
  • Town of Pennington Gap, VA -- performing design, survey and inspection services for a new 1.0 million gallon water storage facility, along with required waterline, appurtenances, and access road for the town.
  • Alleghany County, VA -- the extension of water service to the Callaghan area of the County. This system will consist of approximately 48,000 feet of water line, a booster station, and a 120,000 gallon storage tank, which will provide new water service to 184 customers.
  • Town of Bluefield, VA -- term contract to provide civil engineering services for water treatment and distribution, traffic engineering, surveying, stormwater management, and flood plain management.


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Rhonda English
Blacksburg Project Engineer


Blacksburg Survey Technician


Richmond Project


Blacksburg GIS Techician
   and to... breeding.jpg (12670 bytes)  

David Breeding

Tennessee office Survey Manager,
and A&A's newest Licensed Surveyor.



ESOP Shop Talk

Q: How difficult is it for employees to acquire 100% of a company in a single leveraged transaction?

A: There is no technical barrier to employees acquiring 100% of a company, but to borrow 100% of the value of the company is very difficult. Lenders typically will loan between 50% and 70% of the collateral on the debt, depending on its quality.

Source: NCEO Employee Ownership Q&A

If you want to know more about starting an employee-owned company, we'll be glad to answer any questions. Call Ken Anderson at (800) 763-5596 or email anderson@andassoc.com.

sullivan.jpg (7338 bytes) Andrew Wayne Sullivan
A&A Greensboro Survey Technician
Dunn.jpg (20932 bytes)

Kelly Dunn

A&A Blacksburg Surveyor

(photo to come)

George Simpson

A&A GIS Technician
George has been working part time at A&A since April 1998.


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