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Bill Sorah:
Playing by the Rules

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Bill Sorah
Bristol, Tennessee Deputy
City Manager of Operations,
and NCAA Division I Official

by Su Clauson-Wicker

     Televised pro football may send the adrenaline surging through the veins of many folks, but don’t expect to see Bill Sorah pounding on the sofa cushions or yelling at the television set. He’s likely to be snoozing.

     The Bristol, Tennessee operations manager doesn’t lack enthusiasm for football; he’s likely to have already spent an intense weekend on the football field. ESPN just can’t match the fervor of officiating for college football, even after 22 years of spending almost every fall weekend on the field. "It’s a second job," says Sorah, who doesn’t deny that both positions may occasionally make demands on his even temperament and sense of humor.

     "It’s a blend of good knowledge of the rules, physical conditioning, and being in the right place to make the right call," says Sorah. "The subjectivity factor makes it exciting. Officiating is enjoyable. I’ve made many good friends over the years."


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