September 1998 Volume 10 Number IX

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Pushing for Careful Development in the Shenandoah Valley

by Su Clauson-Wicker

Mr. Kehoe.jpg (28670 bytes)

Mike Kehoe, Town Administrator of Stephens City, VA, with a few relics from his extensive Civil War collection.

     Although Mike Kehoe has been town administrator at Stephens City, VA, since 1981, his first contact with Anderson & Associates occurred on a battlefield. Luckily, the encounter was a peaceful one. A&A was preparing to map the Fishers Hill battlefield at nearby Strasburg in 1994 and needed help determining the location of Civil War trenches. Kehoe, who grew up relic hunting on the site, came out to the battlefield to assist. "Mike proved invaluable in showing us the remaining trenches and cannon pits and determining the location of trenches destroyed by farming," says A&A Chief Operations Officer, Chip Worley.

     Not only does Kehoe know every inch of Fishers Hill, he has amassed an impressive collection of Civil War relics, including more than 200 Civil War belt plates, and can point out at least 10 Civil War sites as he drives south of Stephens City on Interstate 81. "The interstate passes right through these sites—some are actually in the medians," he says.


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