February 1998 Volume 10 Number II

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New Century Commerce Park

A&A puts bids on the Web

Worley named Chief Operating Officer

Pittsylvania Rails to Trails

Citizen Information Meetings held

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JEFF MILLER: Stretching the dollars in Ashe County

by Su Clauson-Wicker

Jeff Miller, County Manager Ashe County, North Carolina

Jeff Miller, county manager of Ashe County, N.C., knew he had to look for two qualities in a GIS for his rural county: it could be operated by someone of medium skill level, and it had to be economical enough for a shoestring budget.

"We’re a small jurisdiction; our compensation schedule is 80 percent of the state level," he says. "Our employees could go 50 miles and receive a substantially higher salary. If a high skill level were required, I could see that we would constantly be in retraining mode." When Miller looked at the systems being used in other counties, he found them exorbitantly pricey and often rather complicated. Then, when Ashe embarked on a property re-evaluation, he learned of Anderson & Associates through an appraising firm.

"I thought about running the system on a pc platform rather than a mainframe," Miller says. "Whenever I asked Ken Anderson about doing something unconventional, he’d say, ‘Let’s look into that.’ It turned out to be a fruitful partnership. A&A has the capacity to do pioneering research for this type of GIS system."


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