by Chris Peterson


Mike Johnson hails from the state of Indiana from a small town called Churubusco. Mike began his adult life enlisted in the military as a Paratrooper and transitioned to become an artillery canon operator at Fort Bragg. Mike then attended the United States Military Academy Preparatory School and received an official nomination to the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he later met the love of his life, Dawn. Mike was honorably discharged from West Point after some minor medical concerns, an event which seemed unfortunate at the time but turned out to be an event that sent him on an incredible path.
Mike returned to Indiana but, when he and Dawn became engaged later that same year, transferred to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, her hometown. Mike originally wanted to become an architect but discovered Civil Engineering and found it to be much more appealing to him. After graduation, he worked for a few organizations in North Carolina until he and his wife agreed they wanted to live somewhere more in the middle between both their families. A&A in Blacksburg fit the bill perfectly so he and his family packed their bags and moved to the Commonwealth.


Mike is one of A&A’s lead project engineers for traffic and trail work. Much of his work consists of traffic analysis, speed studies, and greenways. This is very fitting for Mike, as one of his greatest passions is cycling. He is an avid cyclist, often going out for distance rides multiple times throughout the week. His second passion recently has been coaching four of his six children’s soccer teams. That’s right, he coaches four individual teams; that’s a lot of orange slices and juice boxes to organize! Not only do Mike’s children all share an interest in soccer, they all share a unique characteristic to one another; each one of them has a distinct Irish name. In order his children are Declan, Keller, Brynnley, McCrea, Kennedy, and Renn. Each and every one of them are a joy in his life. Once, Mike has mentioned “I don’t need television or sports, I’m blessed with six children that keep me entertained for hours!”

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