Throughout life you will meet people who make impressions. When you walk away from them, you think, “He/She is such a nice person!” Those types of people often have positive personalities, a smile ready and waiting, and help wherever and whenever needed. Jenny Fraley is one of those people. She’s been with the A&A family for about 11 years and during that time, she’s answered many phone calls, and helped keep up with the staff and their roles at A&A.

Jenny originally began her career in retail and was a natural at providing customer service to others. She decided to go back to school and found that she really enjoyed clerical work, problem solving, and, of course, helping others. When she began looking for another job to save her from the drive to Roanoke each day, she found an opening for an Administrative Assistant with Anderson & Associates. “It felt like a sign,” states Jenny. As she researched, she realized that she really wanted to work for A&A. One of the things that she loved about the culture of the company was that it offered her the flexibility and time to do things with family and friends. Jenny has a husband, Carlton and daughter, Fiona, and is also close to her mother-in-law and father-in-law, Joyce and Charlie.

Jenny and her family love being outdoors so you might often find them walking their dogs, going to the park, or maybe going swimming.

Day to day at the office, Jenny chats briefly with clients as they call in and once a week, checks in with the Project Managers to see how she and her fellow administrative staff can help. She admits, “When I started here I knew almost nothing about the industry,” but after the years of experience she will now tell you, “I’ve learned a lot about the Engineering world.”

She doesn’t seek to climb corporate ladders; her main goal is to keep up rather than “move up”. The one goal she does have is to get her husband to go on a Hawaiian cruise. “We might be 80 when that happens, but I’ll never give up.”

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