by Chris Peterson

DSC_1127_WEBOver the years Anderson & Associates has had many memorable points in the company’s history. We were founded in July of 1968 by Ken Anderson in his garage and have since grown to having four offices in three states. In December of 1987, a decision was made to sell the A&A stock from Ken Anderson to the employees. Thus, we began our journey to becoming an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company.

On April 1, the company celebrated its final step in its ESOP ownership transition. In March, A&A made its last payment on its ESOP loan, and now the employee-owners own the company free and clear.DSC_1172_WEB

DSC_1139_WEBA&A held a cookout in celebration of the buyout. A&A’s Ty Brady took time off to grill up some sides, Carmen Dunford, Justin Lewis and Adam Krantz manned the burgers and dogs, and Zeke Ratcliffe monitored the grounds assembly. The food was plentiful as was as our crowd.

After eating and catching up with current employees, prior employees, and friends of A&A, Ken began the ESOP ceremony. Employee- owners one-by-one took turns placing a copy of the ESOP note into a fire pit, symbolically burning away our debt. 

We at A&A would like to thank our employee-owners for their hard work, but most importantly we would like to thank our clients for helping us get here! We’re all in this together.IMG_1704_WEBIMG_1723_Enhanced_WEB



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